August 8, 2016

Buying microbits / add-ons

Buying microbits

There are a number of official resellers, with many offering a discount for bulk purchases:

4tronix –

The Pi Hut –

Science Scope –

Pimoroni –

Kitronix –

Technology will save us –

Farnell –

As every Y7 pupil was (supposed) to have been given a microbit by their school, a number inevitably ended up on ebay –

Getting microbits for free

Secondary schools were given a number of spare microbits, which could be loaned to primary schools

Pupils with siblings in Y7 (2015-16 academic year) could borrow the microbit from their older brother or sister for a period of time

Code Club has previously given devices to eligible primary school after school clubs –

Your Computing at School (CAS) regional hub may be able to loan you devices. A list of the regional centres is available here –

Add-on components

Once you have purchased your microbits and developed a few projects, you may wish to add extra components, which will allow you to connect a range of peripherals. microbit gadgets provides a good summary – 

4tronix offers the PlayGround for BBC microbit – The board allows additional  components to be added without the need for crocodile clips, including their range of Gizmos, which can be purchased separately or as part of a starter kit – Gizmos are also compatible with the popular Crumble Controller, as mentioned on the microbit alternatives page

Kitronix also has a range of resources, included the line following buggy and an edge connector breakout board –

Pimoroni has an ever increasing range of add-ons – including the engaging scroll bit – The enviro:bit – is great for sensing the world around us and includes a variety of sensors on the board to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, light, colour and sound