August 8, 2016

Other lesson plans / projects

Lesson plans

There are an increasing number of lesson plans for teaching using the microbit, as outlined below, with most sites focusing on a single programming environment, such as the Block Editor. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to add to this list.

Brooke Primary School – – set of lessons plans from the first primary school to send a microbit into space!

multiwingpsan – – an extremely comprehensive set of resources for a range of editors

Rob Jones – – a detailed set of planning using the Block Editor, which also includes the use of the microbit’s internal sensors, such as the compass and thermometer. The site also contains plans for other devices, such as the Codebug

Mr Colley – – contains details of how he introduced the microbit with the Block Editor, along with video explanations and lesson PowerPoints

Simon Johnson – – set of one off lessons using the Touch Develop editor

Bourne to Code – – excellent set of sessions using MicroPython, although they’re more suitable for secondary aged pupils

IET (the Institute of Engineering and Technology) – – resources allowing pupils to create projects with a STEM focus, with a particular emphasis on examining the functionality and purpose of a product

Official BBC microbit site – – lesson plans for a number of different environments, including the recent updated Scratch 3.0 with micro:bit

Code Club – – six activities based on the Code Kingdoms editor

Kodu – – the micro:bit can be used as a controller for games produced in Microsoft’s 3D programming environment

microbit playground – – tutorials to connect external components to the micro:bit, with a focus on Python


micro:bit of things – – links to a number of different curriculum areas, with a particular focus on adding additional components to the micro:bit to enhance science lessons

Bit:Bot remote control – – using an app to control a microbit buggy; all using the JavaScript Block Editor!

Micro Monsters – – family tutorials and fun with the micro:bit

Electro Football – – I first saw an example of this, which was great fun to play, at MozFest 2015. This page has step by step instructions for the hardware and related program

Technology will save us – – Excellent collection of “maker” projects, which could provide an interesting link between Computing and DT

IT Pro – – A number of projects, which often build on the ideas on the official BBC site (above). Includes a “touch activated tone generator” through connecting up fruit!

microbit gadgets – – projects linked to specific kits, games, music and robotics

BBC – – Seven excellent projects, with the highlight being the microbit in space

Mr Tom’s World – – a nice summary of some really interesting projects