microbit for primary schools

Free scheme of work

Fully-customisable scheme of work and resources (based on the latest block based editor) for use in the primary classroom
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Individual lesson plans

Easy to follow individual lesson plans, including a termly overview

Curriculum links

Computing curriculum coverage clearly outlined, with ideas for cross-curricular links also included

Engaging presentations

Separate presentations for each lesson, containing objectives, detailed guidance and challenges for pupils

Example programs

Completed example programs for every lesson included, with more advanced code available for extension activities

About Us

Enabling the microbit to be used effectively in primary schools
Resources created for teachers, by teachers

mb4ps.co.uk provides a range of resources to allow primary school teachers to deliver engaging lessons using the microbit. Created by experienced primary school teacher and university lecturer Neil Rickus, the resources have been used with primary school pupils nationwide to introduce physical computing using this exciting new hardware platform.

Along with detailed lesson plans and resources, mb4ps.co.uk provides further information on additional age appropriate resources, details of how to purchase/ hire microbits and guidance on other physical computing devices.

Want a series of microbit lessons delivered in your school? Neil delivers a range of robotics and physical computing workshops for children through Computing Champions. A number of other pupil workshops and teacher CPD sessions are also available.

  • age appropriate resources
  • independent, impartial advice
  • Pupil workshops available

Further information

More details on other resources, how to purchase / hire microbits and alternative hardware
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Other lesson plans / projects

Alternatives approaches to teaching with the microbit, including the use of other languages and example projects

Buying microbits / add-ons

Details of how to purchase microbits, including ideas on how to obtain devices for free and add extra components

microbit alternatives

Other physical hardware platforms for primary schools are available, which may be more suitable for your pupils


Information on the robotics and physical computing workshops offered by Neil Rickus through Computing Champions


Resources, workshops and training developed by Neil Rickus consistently receive excellent feedback